Placing a baby for adoption is a difficult decision - we respect your courage. Please take a moment to read through our Birthmom FAQs and find the answers to your adoption questions.

How Much Does Adoption Cost?

Not a penny. We provide adoption services at NO cost to the birthmother.

Can I Choose the Adoptive Family?

Yes! We encourage all birthmothers to browse through our adoptive family profiles and choose a family you feel is right for you and your baby. Once you have chosen a family (or several) we will assist you in making initial contact.

How Do Parents Become Licensed to Adopt?

Every adoptive family we work with has completed an adoption home study. This adoption home study is a complete evaluation of the family’s life, habits and home. The study confirms that the adoptive family is capable of providing a safe, loving and stable home for a child. We ONLY work with families who have completed this process.

Can I Receive Help with Medical Expenses?

Yes. Let us know what you need financial assistance with, and we will help make it happen. Financial assistance is possible for living expenses, doctor’s visits and other pregnancy related needs.

What is Open and Closed Adoption?

Open adoption is the most commonly practiced form of adoption in the United States. This type of adoption involves an open relationship between the birth and adoptive parents, and some form of ongoing contact is included after placement. A closed adoption involves zero identifying information to be shared between parties and is completely anonymous. There is no ongoing contact after placement.

Why Do Birthmothers Choose Adoption?

Birthmothers choose adoption for a number of reasons. Finances, schooling, careers, the support (or lack thereof) of family and friends and the relationship with the birthfather are all factors. In the end, only you can decide if placing your baby for adoption is the best decision.