Placing a child for adoption is not easy, but it is one of the most loving and selfless things a mother can do for her child. To facilitate your adoption process, our experienced adoption professionals have put together a list of steps to consider before, during and after the adoption has been finalized.

Step 1: Sort through Your Emotions

There’s no question that placing a child for adoption is a stressful and emotional process. The first question you need to answer is whether or not adoption is right for both you and your child. We are here to talk you through your emotions and help you start your adoption journey.

Step 2: Answer Your Adoption Questions

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you undoubtedly have many questions regarding the adoption process. What are the adoption costs and fees? How do you find adoptive parents? What is an open adoption? What is a closed adoption? How do you get started? These are all common questions and we will keep you as informed as possible.

Step 3: Consider the Different Types of Adoption

When considering adoption, many people approach the process with little to no information. One of the first things a birthmother should consider are the different types of adoption. Today, there are three main types of adoption: open adoption, semi-open adoption and closed adoption. Our group of adoption professionals and website resources will educate you on the three separate types of adoption, as well as provide a detailed comparison of semi-open adoption vs. closed adoption.

Step 4: Choose an Agency

Just like you would browse your options before purchasing a car or a home, you should do the same when choosing an adoption agency. Exercise your research and networking skills to ensure that the agency you choose will respond to your needs quickly, efficiently and with care.

Step 5: Browse Waiting Families

Most birthparents have an idea of what type of family they would like to see their child grow up with, but many don’t know where to find them. We work with plenty of families who are hoping to receive the miracle of life - something that only you can provide.

Step 6: Create a Hospital/Delivery Plan

For a less stressful delivery day, it helps to plan ahead. Who will be at the hospital with you? Would you like the adoptive parents to be present? Who will be in the delivery room? These are all things to consider as your due date draws nearer.

Step 7: Create a Post-Placement Plan

If you have an open adoption, then you probably worked out a contact agreement with the adoptive parents before the baby was born. Do your best to honor that agreement. Expect to receive pictures or phone calls now and then, but co-parenting is not an option.