When placing a baby for adoption, it is important to consider your options. Generally, birthparents can choose between two types of adoption: open adoption and closed adoption. Understanding the difference between the two processes will help you make the best decision for you and your baby.

In a nutshell, a closed adoption is one where no information is shared between the birthmother and adoptive parents. The relationship is kept anonymous. In an open adoption, identifying information is exchanged between both parties and ongoing contact is possible once the adoption is finalized.

Here is a detailed breakdown.

Open Adoption:

In recent years, the trend has been having more openness in adoption, which means that the birthmother continues to have some level of contact with the adoptive family even after the adoption has been finalized. In some ways, an open adoption offers the birthparents more control over the process, by being able to choose the adoptive family, communicate with them and even meet them face to face. After placement, the adoptive family will send the birthparents updates via photos, emails, phone calls and sometimes in person visits. It is a way for the birthparents to stay involved in the child’s life without parenting.

Closed Adoption:

Closed adoptions are when you choose to have no on-going contact between families. Both the birthparents and adoptive parents remain anonymous throughout the entire process and there is no interaction of any kind. However, non-identifying information such as physical characteristics and medical history may be made available to those involved.

Both open adoption and closed adoption present their own benefits. The decision between either path is one that should be carefully considered. Do you want to choose the adoptive parents or are you comfortable with an adoption coordinator choosing? Would you like to have contact with your child after placement? We are experienced in assisting birthmothers through both open and closed adoptions.