Before placing a baby for adoption, every birthmother must understand the rights of the birthfather. The legal rights of birthfathers are one of the most complicated areas of adoption law, with each state having its own guidelines.

It is important to know and understand that both the biological mother and father have rights concerning their child. However, the situation varies case by case. The rights of the biological father depend on a number of factors. Are you and the father in a committed relationship? If you are not in a relationship, has he stepped up to claim paternity? Does he have any interest in fathering or taking part in the adoption process?

An unwed father has no absolute right to veto an adoption unless the necessary actions are taken to preserve his right to do so. Normally, the father will need to receive notice of the adoption via petition, and object or approve. If you are unsure on how to proceed with the father’s involvement, contact us anytime or discuss the situation with your adoption caseworker.

Whether you are in a relationship with the birthfather or not, every birthfather has rights to some extent. More importantly, both biological parents should agree on adoption before proceeding.