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Stephanie & Todd

Stephanie & Todd


Caucasian, Hispanic, Caucasian/Hispanic

Dear Birthmother,

Dear Expectant Mother,

Our hearts are filled with a mix of emotions—excitement, anticipation, and profound gratitude. We can only begin to imagine the weight of the decision you are facing, and we want you to know your courage and selflessness have left us in awe.

The love you have for your baby is evident, and we want you to know we share that love already. We cannot wait to welcome this precious life into our hearts and home and promise to provide a nurturing and supportive environment filled with unconditional love and joy if you choose us. We understand this journey is not an easy one, and we want you to know we hold deep respect for the difficult decisions you are making. We promise to honor your wishes and the level of openness you are comfortable with regarding the adoption process.

As we embark on this journey, we do so with immense gratitude for you, the woman who may give us the gift of parenthood. While the adoption process may come with its challenges and uncertainties, we are committed to navigating them with grace and patience. We are filled with hope and excitement as we eagerly await the moment when we can hold your baby in our arms.

Thank you for considering us to be parents to your precious child. Your bravery and love have touched our hearts deeply, and we will forever be grateful for the opportunity to share this incredible journey with you and your baby.

With love and heartfelt appreciation,
Todd & Stephanie


About Us

We met seven years ago through a mutual friend and have been inseparable since. Stephanie is a UAT analyst and a master organizer. Todd is a global planning manager and enjoys disc golfing and playing music. Together, we enjoy taking care of our home, doting over our cats, traveling, exploring local communities, biking local trails, spending time near water, skiing, cooking, bowling, reading, playing games (indoor and outdoor), doing puzzles, and spending time with family and friends. Our personalities are perfectly complementary. Stephanie’s personality can be classified as a “campaigner” as she is full of ideas to ensure our lives are fulfilling and excels at keeping the mood light. Todd’s personality can be classified as an “executor” as whatever needs to get done gets done, but he loves to find the opportunity for some laughs.


Our Home

We built our dream home in 2021 and moved in 2022. We share our home with four friendly cats (Munchie, Audrey, Max, and Charlie). Our neighborhood has many young families and resides within a school district that is one of the best in our state, ensuring a nurturing environment for our family’s education. Our local community prides itself on outdoor preservation with many breathtaking trails, rivers and creeks, parks, and charming downtowns. Living in the Great Lakes state of Michigan, we are blessed to experience the magic of all four seasons throughout the year.

Extended Family Extended Family

Our Extended Family

Stephanie has two sisters she is very close with; one lives in Florida, and the other lives in California. Stephanie’s family is very large as both of her parents come from families with six kids. As such, Stephanie grew up with many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Stephanie’s mother is Greek, and the family celebrates Greek Orthodox Easter every year. Her maternal grandmother had 15 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren before she passed in 2021. On Stephanie’s father’s side, she has 13 first cousins and continues many traditions of gathering for holidays, especially Father’s Day, Independence Day, and Christmas.

Todd has one brother, one sister, twin nieces, and a nephew; all are local. Todd’s family is quite small in comparison as he only has three aunts/uncles and five first cousins, but since they are local, we gather many times throughout the year for birthdays, holidays, and just because. Christmas is one tradition that remains consistent each year.


What Led Us To Adoption

Our journey to adoption has been filled with resilience, love, and unwavering determination. After several unsuccessful attempts to conceive naturally and through IVF, we realized our path to parenthood might be different. Although adoption has always been a consideration for both of us, Stephanie’s unwavering desire to adopt has been rooted in her heart since a very young age, inspired not only by her best friend’s father, who was lovingly adopted, but also by friends she met later in life who were also adopted. These encounters reaffirmed her belief that adoption can create profound bonds of love and family. What excites us most about the opportunity to adopt is the chance to provide a nurturing and caring home for a child who deserves all the love in the world.

Facts About Stephanie

  • Occupation: UAT Analyst II
  • Education: Associate’s degree
  • Favorite Food: Greek
  • Favorite Hobby: Hair & makeup
  • Favorite Movie: The Parent Trap (1961)
  • Favorite Music Group: Counting Crows
  • Favorite TV Show: Dateline
  • Favorite Book: All Around the Town
  • Favorite Subject in School: History

Facts About Todd

  • Occupation: Global product planning coordination manager
  • Education: Master’s degree
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite Hobby: Playing guitar
  • Favorite Movie: Donnie Darko
  • Favorite Music Group: Reel Big Fish
  • Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad
  • Favorite Book: The Book Thief
  • Favorite Subject in School: Astronomy

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