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Lois & Adam

Lois & Adam



Dear Birthmother,

First, we simply want to say thank you. Thank you for considering us as the adoptive parents of your child. Thank you for being strong enough to understand what you are able to do and being brave enough to consider an adoption plan.

We knew from the beginning of our relationship that we wanted to adopt as part of our family plan, and through you, this can happen. Providing loving care for a child is something we both yearn for and something we will be eternally grateful to you for.


About Us

We started our journey together five years ago and haven’t looked back since. We found our core values matched, even if a number of our interests did not. We both love camping and volunteering our time with a local Boy Scouts troop in town. We enjoy sharing and exploring each other’s different cultures: western farmer and southern city girl backgrounds. Adam is quiet and reserved with a silly side and very intelligent; he really loves books. Adam is retired from the Air Force and continues working on the local Air Force base. Lois is friendly and caring and enjoys cooking and arts and crafts; she will soon complete her program in culinary arts (August 2022).


Our Home

Our home is an amazing place to raise a family. We have several great private schools in the area and live in a safe and quiet neighborhood. There are many great, family-friendly places close by as well as many learning activities with the property transformation we are undertaking. We also happen to have three awesome dogs, a guinea pig, and a cat; all our animals are friendly and love attention.

Extended Family Extended Family

Our Extended Family

Adam’s retirement from the military and decision to stay in South Carolina mean we do not visit his family with great frequency, but we visit a couple times a year; however, this does not stop our weekly video chats with his family. Adam’s younger brother is beyond excited to finally become an uncle, and his children cannot wait to have a cousin of their own. Outside of Adam’s traditional extended family, he has his military family and their families as part of his extended family. This extended family lives across the globe, and a large number live nearby.

In contrast, Lois’s family is native to South Carolina. We visit her family frequently and tend to celebrate Thanksgiving with her father and his congregation. Both of Lois’s brothers tend to visit frequently, and we enjoy their weekend hangouts when they visit.


What Led Us To Adoption

We dreamed of having a family, but when our attempts failed, we discussed adoption more seriously. It’s something we both felt strongly about to begin with as both of our families have been touched by adoption; Adam’s father and one of his cousins are adopted. We see adoption as a miracle, and we long to provide a child with unconditional love. After endless failed attempts, we decided it is best to adopt sooner rather than later. We are aware of how deep a connection and bond can be possible without giving birth to a child.

Facts About Lois

  • Occupation: Student, Culinary Arts
  • Religion: Other Religion
  • Education: HS diploma
  • Favorite Food: Thai, Cuban
  • Favorite Hobby: Arts & crafts, cooking
  • Favorite Movie: Comedy, romance
  • Favorite Sport: Volleyball, basketball
  • Favorite TV Show: Veterinary, NatGeo
  • Favorite Book: ASL sign
  • Favorite Subject in School: Cooking
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Japan, Disney World, Germany

Facts About Adam

  • Occupation: Cyber Intelligence Analyst
  • Religion: Christian - Non-denominational
  • Education: A.S.
  • Favorite Food: Japanese, soul food
  • Favorite Hobby: Gardening, camping, hiking, fishing
  • Favorite Movie: High fantasy, history period pieces
  • Favorite Sport: None
  • Favorite TV Show: Documentaries
  • Favorite Book: I’m a bookworm.
  • Favorite Subject in School: Sciences
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Camping deep in the mountains

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