Over the years open adoption has become an increasingly popular choice amongst birthparents and adoptive parents alike. Why? Probably because it offers outstanding benefits for both families. While closed adoption is always an option, we encourage birthparents to consider both types of adoption equally before making a decision.

So, what is it about open adoption that makes it so special?

Levels of Openness

No two adoptions are exactly alike. With that said, the nature of an open adoption will differ from case to case. While one open adoption may involve face to face visits between the birth and adoptive families, another may only involve communication via phone calls, texts, emails or letters. It is important to choose a level of openness that feels right for everyone - always keeping the the interests of the child as central. Many birthparents and adoptive parents see open adoption as the best choice because they are able to choose the level of openness that is best for them. This helps them to maintain a healthy dose of both closeness and distance.

A Relationship With the Child

Another attractive perk of open adoption is the opportunity for birthparents to have a relationship with their child. On the flip side, most adoptive families say it is important to them that their child knows where he or she came from. Birthparents may not always see their child face to face, but updates from the adoptive family are ways to stay connected. Whether big or small, a relationship to any extent counts for something!

Remember - visits with the adoptive family does not give birthparents the right to parent.

A Relationship With the Adoptive Family

All parties involved in an open adoption are able to communicate directly, without a third party. This allows a relationship between the birthmother and adoptive parents to develop naturally, and presents an opportunity to develop a positive relationship with the adoptive family. For some birth families the adoptive family becomes like part of their own extended family.

Reduced Uncertainty

Some birthparents feel a sense of guilt or uncertainty when placing a baby for adoption. How will you know you made the right choice? Will the family provide adequate care for your child? Will your child know about you? With an open adoption, this questions are answered. Most birth parents feel reassured and comforted from knowing about the child’s well-being through regular interactions with the adoptive family.

We encourage birthmothers to consider both open adoption and closed adoption before committing to an adoption plan. Our door is always open to discuss your options. Whether you’re pregnant and considering adoption or positive adoption is the path for you, we are devoted to helping you through your adoption journey.