Getting to the hospital during labor is stressful enough. If you're placing your baby for adoption, you will have other preparations to think about, as well. Be prepared and pack your hospital bag a month or two before your due date. That way you won't be scrambling to find what you need when your water breaks!

Photo ID & Insurance Card: You should never leave the

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Many women are anxious about going into labor. How will you know when it’s time? Will it hurt? How long after your water breaks should you be at the hospital? Whether it’s your first pregnancy or third, you never know exactly what to expect. Here are some important things to ask before you go into labor.

  1. How many people can be in the delivery room with me?
  2. Can
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One thing pregnant women quickly discover is there are many "rules" of pregnancy.

Don’t eat this. Do eat that.
Don’t do this. Do do that.
Take these vitamins. Don’t take those vitamins.

It can get overwhelming! Nonetheless, it is important to understand what is healthy for your pregnancy and what is not. Not only will it benefit both you and your baby in the

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