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Tina & Dennis

Tina & Dennis


Caucasian/African American, African American, African American/Hispanic

Dear Birthmother,

Dear Expectant Mother,

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for bringing a beautiful life into this world. We can only imagine how difficult it is to consider the best option for you and your child. By no means are we a perfect couple, but if we are fortunate enough to be blessed by the addition of your child, it would be the beginning of a happy family.

We plan on supporting and nurturing any passion, gifts, and talents your child may exhibit at an early age. We want him or her to realize there’s no dream that can’t be transformed into reality with effort and dedication. We also plan on raising a strong, intelligent, resilient, and independent child—a child who is not afraid to fail because sometimes through failure is when great life lessons are learned and character is built. We vow to care for, adore, cherish, and, above all, shower your baby with all our love. Any couple would be lucky to welcome your baby into their family, so we thank you for your consideration.


About Us

Tina is from Jamaica and Dennis is from Ghana. We met in 2010 as a recent master’s graduate looking for a job and a young entrepreneur. Needless to say, finances were limited in the early stages of our courtship, so we dated on a budget. Some of our dates consisted of picnics at the park, walks through the arboretum, community festivals, and watching HGTV. We got married in 2013, and it was truly the happiest day of our lives. Dennis is playful and is the type to make corny jokes (future dad jokes). Tina is a bit more reserved but very open and easy to get along with. We share similar interests, some of them being food, music, and traveling. We have been fortunate to travel to different countries around the world and to be able to immerse ourselves in their cultures and traditions. These were very exciting but also eye-opening experiences.


Our Home

Our home is a ranch-style house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a sunroom, and a spacious backyard great for family get-togethers and events. We live in a very quiet and secure neighborhood with big, beautiful, mature trees and landscapes. Our neighborhood park is less than a ten-minute walk from the house, with a playground for kids, tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields, and trails for walking, jogging, or running. We also have some of the best schools in the district located in our neighborhood. We have a fur baby, Kingston, a cockapoo. He is smart and rambunctious and loves cuddles and giving kisses. We can definitely see him and future kiddos getting into lots of mischief and being partners in crime.

Extended Family Extended Family

Our Extended Family

Extended families are the people you can count on to be there for you regardless of the situation. That is the kind of extended families we have. They are dependable, reliable, and a constant fixture of support in our lives. Dennis works with his brother, who also lives in town with his wife and two daughters, about a ten-minute drive from us. The rest of Dennis’s family are either in Ghana or spread out across the Midwest. Dennis comes from a large family with four brothers and one sister, all raised by his father. The large, loud, and lively traditional Ghanaian get-togethers are always rich with laughter and love.

Tina has family in Jamaica, Florida, and Canada. Tina’s family usually gathers during the Christmas and New Year holidays in Jamaica. Favorite activities are reminiscing about childhood experiences and roasting other family members (no one is spared). Although dispersed, Tina is greatly connected with her village (mom, aunties, sisters, uncles, and cousins), and they communicate on a daily basis.


What Led Us To Adoption

Although it has been a challenging journey toward building our own family so far, our desire has not wavered. IVF may have been our first attempt toward dealing with our fertility issues, but adoption is now our sole focus. We feel a sense of renewed excitement. We are back to having conversations that dare us to look forward to the kind of family we always envisioned having, from the early stages of sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and nonstop cries to potty training, teaching them to ride a bike, building their first kite, and the excitement of meeting our child for the first time and experiencing an indescribable love for them. These are some of the many moments we dare to envision and ultimately will turn into reality.

Facts About Tina

  • Occupation: City planner
  • Religion: Spiritual
  • Education: Master’s degree
  • Favorite Food: Ox tail
  • Favorite Movie: Fun with Dick and Jane
  • Favorite Sport: 100 meter dash
  • Favorite Music Group: Dr. Hook
  • Favorite Book: I’m Judging You: The Do Better Manual
  • Favorite Subject in School: Geography
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Tanzanian safari

Facts About Dennis

  • Occupation: Barber
  • Religion: Spiritual
  • Education: Some college
  • Favorite Food: Jollof rice
  • Favorite Movie: Coming to America
  • Favorite Sport: Basketball
  • Favorite Music Group: Boyz II Men
  • Favorite Book: Dark Matter
  • Favorite Subject in School: Math
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Maldives

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