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Rubi & Oscar

Rubi & Oscar


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Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to reach you through this letter. We can’t imagine the difficulty of your decision and already deeply admire your courage, selflessness, and loving heart. Whatever decision you make, it’s yours alone as you know what is best for your child, and we 100% respect that.

Nothing will give us more joy than to welcome your baby into our family. He or she will be very much loved, will be encouraged to pursue his or her dreams, and will travel the world with us. We’re not a very traditional family but definitely a very fun one. Our family is very diverse, composed of people of Mexican descent, American, Polish, Salvadoran, and even Korean. It is this openness we have as a family that has given us the support we need to pursue an adoption. This same openness has our family just as excited as we are about adopting, and they have already started to love your baby unconditionally.

We’re very grateful for a mother like you, who has the potential of fulfilling the miraculous wish of making us parents. If you choose us, your baby will be the first on Rubi’s side of the family after almost 11 years without a baby; they are excitedly waiting. We’re forever grateful.


About Us

We are Oscar and Rubi. We met when we were children, and while our families set out on different paths, it was fate that brought us together again. We married young, and our commitment to one another and willingness to improve as a couple has helped us get through many challenges. We’re both vegetarian animal lovers and enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures. Oscar is very loving and noble. He always puts others before himself and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He’s a sports fanatic and loves to play soccer as much as he loves a good cup of joe. Rubi is very protective and nurturing; she’s in constant touch with her family and challenges those around her to achieve their full potential. In her free time, she loves to stay active and bake.


Our Home

The city we live in is known for two things: its safety and its top-notch schools. They have multiple festivals during the summer and many afterschool programs and resources. We’re ten minutes from the downtown area, where there are a variety of restaurants and a nice riverwalk, perfect for a family stroll. Our dog, Lucy, is chief of security in our household and takes her duties very seriously, but she melts when it comes to children. She is only 15 pounds but has tons of energy and is extra fluffy. Our neighborhood is mostly composed of young families and retirees, and everyone is very friendly. The elementary school is a couple blocks away

Extended Family Extended Family

Our Extended Family

We both come from big families. While Rubi only has one sister, she has many cousins, aunts, and uncles. Her mom has five siblings and her dad nine, so there’s always a full house at holidays and family parties. She’s particularly close to her younger sister; they talk almost every day and rely on each other for moral and emotional support. She comes over almost every weekend to hang out.
Oscar has eight siblings, most of them dispersed throughout the U.S., but his mom and youngest sister live only five minutes away. While they all live in different states, Oscar always keeps in touch with them and flies to visit them for special occasions.

With both of us being of Mexican descent, holidays are always very lively. There’s music, singing, dancing, games, and a surplus of many delicious foods. Both sides of the family have maintained the Spanish language and are fully bilingual.

Our friends are a lively group. We feel very blessed to have such a diverse group of friends, they’re from all ethnicities, walks of life and sexual orientation (LGBTQ). We have annual ‘friendsgiving’ and holiday dinners, which are always a blast. Summer gatherings are the best though, we play games, meet the newest babies, catch up and most importantly, cherish the friendships we have cultivated over the years.


What Led Us To Adoption

While many families turn to adoption as a second option to grow their families, for us, it has been front and center since the beginning. We know there are many women whose deepest wish is to provide a better life for their child, and we have been working for years to build a home where we can provide a loving and caring environment. While there are many families who pray to be able to have biological children, our desire has always been to adopt. It has always felt right for us. We have friends who have adopted, and witnessing their unconditional love for their child has strengthened our decision to pursue this path.

Facts About Rubi

  • Occupation: Analyst
  • Religion: Spiritual
  • Education: MBA
  • Favorite Food: Anything vegetarian, dessert
  • Favorite Hobby: Baking
  • Favorite Sport: Soccer, kickboxing
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite TV Show: That 70s Show
  • Favorite Book: 100 Years of Solitude
  • Favorite Subject in School: Science
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Southeast Asia

Facts About Oscar

  • Occupation: Service manager
  • Religion: Spiritual
  • Education: Some college
  • Favorite Food: Anything vegetarian
  • Favorite Hobby: Soccer
  • Favorite Sport: Soccer, volleyball
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite TV Show: That 70s Show
  • Favorite Book: Love in the Time of Cholera
  • Favorite Subject in School: History
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Southeast Asia

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