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Rebecca & Edward

Rebecca & Edward



Dear Birthmother,

Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us to raise your baby. We truly admire your courage to follow the path of adoption. While we don’t know you yet or what you are going through, we hope you are getting the support you need and feel comfortable with this choice. We are already parents, so we understand the love of a parent.

We would be blessed to welcome your baby into our family. They would be coming into a strong family filled with love and laughter. They would grow to know all different kinds of music and the fun of dancing around the house when it’s too wet to play outside. We would go for walks down the trails at the parks to count the ducks at the lake and then play on the playground until dinnertime. Their older brother will teach them all about Godzilla and King Kong but then also reassure them, “It’s okay. They are just pretend.”

As they get older, they will learn Becky’s cookie recipes while also practicing their fractions. Eddie will teach them all about video games, including how to repair them and build their own. The summer will be filled with fun at the community pool, trips to North Carolina and beyond, and playing with the kids in the neighborhood.

Thank you again for considering us, and we would love to talk with you when you’re ready.

Becky and Eddie


About Us

Becky is a cheerful, encouraging, kind, devoted wife and mother who loves going to the movies. She makes the mundane fun by singing and dancing while cleaning the kitchen or folding the laundry. She works as a records management specialist for a payroll and tax preparer company. Eddie is hardworking, dependable, and funny, and he loves video games. He can be frequently found listening to audiobooks while doing projects around the house or working out. As a result, he is a walking encyclopedia of fun facts. We are a goofy pair together, and we try to add as much humor into our days as possible. We build a lot of Lego sets with our five-year-old son and take walks with our seven-year-old pup, Shea.


Our Home

We live in a five-bedroom ranch with a finished basement that gives us lots of room for guests to stay. It also has a large rec room we can convert as your baby grows and their needs and interests change. We have a large number of books, puzzles, and Lego sets we all enjoy. Our house is in a cul-de-sac on a street with other kids. We have block parties in the summer, especially on the Fourth of July. We have a large park a few minutes away with playgrounds, hikings trails, sports fields, and a community pool. Our dog, Shea, is a kind, gentle pup who loves kids and will definitely look to give your baby lots of kisses.

Extended Family Extended Family

Our Extended Family

Becky’s mom comes up a day or two before Christmas to start baking Christmas cookies and pies. On Christmas, we open presents, and then the family arrives for dinner! Everyone always stays later than they intend to, and we say our goodbyes in the house, at the front door, by the car, and, finally, when everyone is in the car.

So we can see both of our families, Eddie’s family gathers around New Year’s Eve at his sister’s house. We exchange gifts, have dinner, and enjoy each other’s company. Much like Becky’s family, we always stay later than we intend to and say goodbye at least five or six times over the span of 40 minutes.

In the summer, we do at least one trip to Becky’s aunt and uncle’s house in North Carolina, where we go to the beach, aquarium, pool, and so much more. As we have shared the news that we are adopting, our families have given us a flood of support and happiness. They are already excited to meet your baby and to give them presents under the tree, a chair at the beach, and a gingerbread cookie with their name on it.


What Led Us To Adoption

Becky was fortunate enough to have a friend share her international adoption process via social media. They adopted from Peru, and when they shared a photo from their first video chat with their soon-to-be son, Becky had never seen so much love radiate from a single photo. We supported them through the paperwork and fundraising, and we shared in their excitement with each update. When they finally came home as a family of three, it made the idea of adopting no longer something you only see in movies but a real path for us to grow our family. And with both of us coming from large families, the idea of adopting was always something we thought about.

Facts About Rebecca

  • Occupation: Records Management
  • Religion: Other Religion
  • Education: Associate’s degree
  • Favorite Food: Strawberries
  • Favorite Movie: Knives Out
  • Favorite TV Show: The West Wing
  • Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice
  • Favorite Subject in School: Theater
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Two weeks touring through Italy and Greece

Facts About Edward

  • Occupation: Information Technology Data Modeler
  • Religion: Other Religion
  • Education: Master’s degree
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite Movie: The Legend of Tarzan
  • Favorite TV Show: Dragon Ball Z
  • Favorite Book: Starship Troopers
  • Favorite Subject in School: Political science, history
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Backpacking in Europe

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