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Nicole & Greg

Nicole & Greg


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Dear Birthmother,

We feel so honored and blessed that you would consider us to raise your precious baby. We admire you for the incredible amount of strength and love for your baby you must have to make this decision. We also know choosing someone to raise your baby requires a great deal of trust, and we want you to be confident we will give your baby a safe and happy home, the opportunity to be whatever they want to be, and, most importantly, unconditional love and support.

We would all gladly welcome a new child into our family. Your baby will grow up with two loving and supportive parents, a big sister who just can’t wait to play with them, and a fun-loving uncle. There will be weekends with cousins and grandparents on the farm and trips to Florida to see Disney and swim in the ocean. When the children are old enough, we will take them on long trips around Europe and elsewhere. We are raising Grace to be kind, thoughtful, respectful, and confident and to value learning and achievement, and we would raise your baby the same way. We would be so grateful if you would choose for your baby to be a part of our family.


About Us

We live in the Midwest and have been married for seven amazing years! We’re very different in many ways, but we love each other deeply and balance each other well. Greg grew up on a farm that his family still operates; he is easygoing and loves sports, fishing, and science. Nicole grew up in the suburbs; she is spirited and always planning our next family adventure, great or small. We are both attorneys who enjoy our jobs, but we prioritize each other and our family above all else. Nicole works on a part-time basis, and Greg’s firm allows him a lot of flexibility. We have always loved to travel together, whether it’s to Disney World, Mexico, or Europe, and try all the delicious food on the way. We have an energetic and curious four-year-old daughter Grace, and we also live with Nicole’s kind and friendly brother, Alex, who has autism.


Our Home

We live in a safe neighborhood with many young families and a terrific school system. We like to spend time at our local library, which has an amazing kids’ section, and the nearby park, which has a playground, a splash pad, mini-golf, and a sledding hill. Our park district offers plenty of sports and other programs for children and frequently sponsors family outings like movies in the park and seasonal festivals. We are fortunate to live in a five-bedroom, two-story house with a finished basement. We have an enclosed backyard, where Greg likes to grill, Nicole likes to grow strawberries, and Grace likes to run. Our Maltese/poodle mix, Addy, loves nothing more than keeping the squirrels out of her yard and cuddling with us.

Extended Family Extended Family

Our Extended Family

Most of our family lives close enough we can see them frequently. Greg’s parents and two brothers and their families all live within two hours of us, and his parents and one of his brothers operate the farm that has been in the family for over 150 years. We all get together on the farm for holidays, birthdays, and just to see each other throughout the year. Greg’s family goes on an annual trip to Minnesota for fishing, boating, swimming, and spending time with family.

Nicole’s mother sadly passed away a few years ago, but her memory lives on in the Italian dishes Nicole cooks for the family and the beautiful decorations that fill the house for every holiday. Nicole also has two older sisters who live in Pennsylvania, and her father and two older brothers live close by. We often get together with Nicole’s family to enjoy home-cooked Indian food. Nicole’s father also owns a house near Disney World, which provides a great home base for our annual trip.

We also try to see our friends and their young children as often as possible, including at our annual Easter party where the children dye eggs and go on an Easter egg hunt.


What Led Us To Adoption

We have always known we wanted a big family and a house filled with laughter and excitement. After the birth of our daughter, it became difficult for Nicole to conceive again. Nicole has always wanted to adopt, and after much reflection and prayer, we decided together that adoption was the right path for growing our family. We both love each other and our family dearly, but we feel like it’s not yet complete. We have had very positive experiences with adoption in our lives. Greg has three cousins who were adopted and who are loved by the entire family, and our friend who introduced us was also adopted. It’s safe to say that if our friend’s parents had never adopted her, we may never have met!

Facts About Nicole

  • Occupation: Part-time attorney
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Education: College and law degree
  • Favorite Food: Anything sweet but especially cake
  • Favorite Hobby: Photography
  • Favorite Movie: The Notebook
  • Favorite Holiday: Valentine’s Day
  • Favorite Book: Wuthering Heights
  • Favorite Subject in School: Spanish and Italian language classes
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Egypt

Facts About Greg

  • Occupation: Attorney
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Education: College and law degree
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Hobby: Cooking with my smoker
  • Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Book: Catch-22
  • Favorite Subject in School: History
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Egypt

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