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Michelle & Sean

Michelle & Sean


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Dear Birthmother,

Thank you so much for taking the time to look through our profile to get to know us. We want you to know that we empathize with the difficult decision you are making. We truly admire your strength and courage in the steps you are choosing to take. We understand that during this time you’ll have many questions, concerns and uncertainties. We would like to be there for you every step of the way and we just want to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable.

If you choose us to parent your child we can ensure you that we will love him or her endlessly. We would raise your child in a home that values respect, Christian values, a good education and adventurous lifestyle. Your child would grow up surrounded by a large and inviting family and friends eager to meet him or her. Your child would also grow up knowing how strong his or her mother is and how much you love them. We would feel beyond blessed if we were chosen and would be forever grateful to you for the most precious gift anyone has ever given us.


About Us

Hi, we are Sean and Michelle. Our story began when Michelle’s cousin, who was a youth group leader along with Sean, introduced us to each other.. She had a hunch we’d make a good fit; and she was absolutely right! We have been married for four years now and have truly enjoyed our time together. Sean is an engineer, and Michelle is an OBGYN nurse. We share passions such as discovering new waterfalls, taking road trips, and making new memories with family and friends while boating and waterskiing. Over the past four years, we have tried endlessly to create a family, but our fertility struggles unfortunately have not made that possible. We experienced one pregnancy but lost our baby girl, Faith, early on in the pregnancy. Our desire to become parents and start a family has only gotten stronger through the years as we continue to dream of raising children.


Our Home

We designed and built our new home ourselves with our future family in mind. It’s a large three-bedroom ranch with a basement. We have a sizable kitchen great for family gatherings. Our home is surrounded by a large grassy front yard and a beautiful wooded backyard. Our favorite part of our home is sitting in the living room, which faces our backyard, as we listen to the birds chirping. It is so alive that we sometimes refer to our backyard as our little “rainforest.” Our neighborhood is full of kids and is very family oriented. There are many different events for the kids, such as a parade with Santa and the Easter Bunny! An extra bonus is that Michelle’s cousins and their four children live across the street.

Extended Family Extended Family

Our Extended Family

Sean has three siblings, two nieces, and a nephew. He has 24 first cousins (three adopted). Sean’s family was thrilled to hear we are adopting and cannot wait to welcome a new addition to the family at the next family reunion, which usually consists of camping at a lake or up in the mountains. We frequently take trips to different parts of the country to visit Sean’s family, and they’re all so excited for us to have children of our own to play with the younger cousins.

Michelle has two younger brothers and 36 first cousins (four of whom are adopted). Michelle’s family is very tight-knit, with cousins being raised almost as siblings. Most of the family gets together each summer at the family cabin, where they spend time boating, fishing, and waterskiing. Outside of summer fun, they also get together for major holidays.Michelle’s younger brother dresses up as Santa and visits their friends and cousins to give surprise gifts to the little kids on Christmas Eve. Last, but definitely not least, Michelle’s mom lives down the street from us and absolutely cannot wait to have grandkids to spoil.


What Led Us To Adoption

As a child, Michelle grew up down the street from her adopted cousins and experienced her aunt and uncle bringing home each of their three new family members. In addition, unknown to Sean as a child, he learned later in life that he has a sister, whom his father and his girlfriend placed for adoption a few years before Sean’s parents met. They decided on an adoption plan due to being unable to care for their new daughter at the time. In 2015 Sean’s sister reconnected with the family, was welcomed with open arms at the biannual family reunion, and participated in our wedding! These experiences have shown us how beautiful adoption is, truly guiding our hearts in this direction.

Facts About Michelle

  • Occupation: OBGYN nurse
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Education: Bachelor’s degrees in nursing and psychology
  • Favorite Hobby: Gardening, sewing
  • Favorite Movie: Serendipity, Just Go With It
  • Favorite Sport: Waterskiing, baseball
  • Favorite Music Group: Carrie Underwood, Mercy Me
  • Favorite TV Show: Friends, The Office
  • Favorite Subject in School: Biology
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Australia

Facts About Sean

  • Occupation: Engineer
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering
  • Favorite Hobby: Working on cars, woodworking
  • Favorite Movie: Edge of Tomorrow
  • Favorite Sport: Competitive car sports
  • Favorite Music Group: The Afters, Micah Tyler
  • Favorite TV Show: The Office, Ozark
  • Favorite Subject in School: Science
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Antarctica

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