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Don & Nicole

Don & Nicole


Caucasian, Hispanic, Caucasian/Hispanic, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/African American

Dear Birthmother,

We look forward to being adoptive parents to watch your baby grow up and spread their wings with the opportunities we can provide. When our son was born, we both read to him from the day he was born. He now is able to read even though he just started kindergarten. Seeing a baby grow not only in size but with reading, manners, and kindness makes it all worthwhile.

We are lucky to be at a point in our lives that allows us the ability to adopt. We have worked hard for what we have and want to share that with another child. Our faith is strong, and we regularly attend church. Being far from family is hard, but having a network of church family nearby allows us to build new relationships that feed not only our friendships but also our faith.

Our path as parents is to raise your child and ours to be positive reflections of what they are taught by us. Our son shares toys with others when he gets new toys, helps friends at school open their milk cartons when they cannot, and offers please, thank you, and you are welcome to the point that people comment on how well mannered our child is. We know we are not perfect, but we are the right balance of offering opportunity, education, and well-being for long-term growth.


About Us

We are a loving couple. Nicole is an Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse at a local hospital. Don is a licensed engineer who is in engineering leadership with a large utility company. We met online and found out very quickly we had something special that keeps us firmly in love with one another. We both value education and spending time together as a family. We are passionate about watching live sporting events and frequently have season tickets to local sporting venues. We travel for fun around the country and take various types of cruises. Our son is very active in sports, and we can be found playing soccer, football, and baseball with him or cheering him on at a game.


Our Home

Our home is a four-bedroom house that has almost two acres of property. We have a fenced-in back yard to allow us to play outside with our son, playing soccer, baseball, and football. We are in a development right outside the city limits but are less than five minutes from town. It’s a good balance of country with city life nearby. We have a Great Dane and two cats. The pets get along well, and the one cat and dog are frequently seen sleeping next to each other. Our large yard allows us to play in the fenced-in back yard or out front.

Extended Family Extended Family

Our Extended Family

Don’s family is excited to have us adopt and bring another niece or nephew into our extended family. We typically gather at Don’s mom’s house every other year for Christmas so all the cousins can get together and play. Don takes a trip home every July to spend time with siblings and their families.

Nicole’s family is excited to have us adopt a child. Nicole is very close to her sister and her family. We have traveled with her sister and family on vacation before and will again in the future. Nicole often travels back to see her parents and her sister.

Our traditions are a blend of what we experienced growing up. We start off most holidays by making a special breakfast as a family then attend church. We spend time doing fun things to make a special memory versus what is typically done on a weekend. Having a memory of a trip, hike,or adventure makes the holiday special.


What Led Us To Adoption

We were blessed to have a son who is very special to us. We would like to add to our family, and doing so by adoption is necessary as Nicole experienced challenges with the pregnancy that make another difficult. We have a stable, loving home that has provided a nurturing environment for our son to develop into a caring, smart, and athletic boy. We have the ability to care for another and genuinely want to share our blessings with another child. Our son is excited to be a big brother and looks forward to the day he has a little brother or sister.

Facts About Don

  • Occupation: Engineer
  • Religion: Methodist
  • Education: Master’s degree
  • Favorite Hobby: Reading, travel, playing with our son
  • Favorite Movie: Grease, Star Wars, Star Trek
  • Favorite Holiday: Labor Day (cookout)
  • Favorite Music Group: Hard rock, Jazz, ’80s rock
  • Favorite TV Show: Amsterdam, Seinfeld
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Mediterranean cruise

Facts About Nicole

  • Occupation: Registered Nurse
  • Religion: Methodist
  • Education: Master’s degree
  • Favorite Hobby: Working out, travel, playing with our son
  • Favorite Movie: Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Lion King
  • Favorite Holiday: 4th of July (fireworks)
  • Favorite Music Group: Pop, a capella
  • Favorite TV Show: Amsterdam, Grey’s Anatomy
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Two-week cruise

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