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Casey & Chelsie

Casey & Chelsie


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Dear Birthmother,

Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Even though we haven’t met yet, we already know you are a brave and selfless person for considering this option for your child. We can only imagine how you are feeling during this process, and we admire you for your strength and courage.

Should you bless us, our family will be the village for your child. They will grow up in a home filled with love, stability, and joy. They will grow up across the field from their cousins. Your child will grow up knowing how much they were loved by you. We know your child will always have a place in your heart, and we want you to know we will do everything in our power to give them the best life possible.

We know you have so many decisions to make when it comes to your child’s future. Just know, whatever decision is made will be the right one for you and your child. Trust yourself through the process, and remember how strong you are. As much as we would love to be a part of your journey and hope to have our dreams come true, any family you choose will be blessed.

Should you have any questions or concerns, we would love to address them and walk through them with you. We greatly appreciate your consideration and the time you’ve taken to this point in getting to know us as a potential option.


About Us

Two small-town kids born and raised in the farm country of Indiana now live in North Carolina. We met in 2006 and reconnected in 2008. Fast forward to 2015, and we were married and beginning our lives together. Growing up on a farm, Chelsie has always had a passion for animals, which led to her career as a dog groomer with the goal to open a boarding facility. Casey has never met a stranger and has the gift of gab, which makes for a perfect regional salesman. During our down periods, we enjoy taking our dogs for a walk, traveling to various parts of the country and world, and building our dream home.


Our Home

We are building a four-bedroom, two-bathroom, ranch-style home on 30 acres in North Carolina. Our land consists of three creeks, numerous four-wheeler trails, and tons of room for a child to learn, grow, and run with our three dogs. Our land is situated on a family plot of 100 acres with aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, and nephews all close by. On the “family compound,” as we call it, your little one will enjoy various outdoor activities along with sporting facilities. We find ourselves in a unique situation where we are two hours from the mountains and two hours from the beach, which allows our family to participate in a number of activities together.

Extended Family Extended Family

Our Extended Family

We are both blessed to have such supportive friends and family ready to welcome a new child into the family.

Chelsie comes from a big blended family. She has three brothers and two sisters who may not share the same DNA, but to them, it has never mattered. Chelsie’s mom has always been her rock throughout her life. When Chelsie was 12 years old, she met the man she’d call Dad. Because of him, she was able to understand that true love doesn’t have to come from a blood family.

Casey comes from a blended family as well, with three sisters in total. His dad is one of the driving factors behind his work ethic given his disabilities and never allowing these to slow him down, while his mom provided him with the can-do attitude toward whatever goals he set. One of the sisters is within walking distance of the family compound in North Carolina.


What Led Us To Adoption

Adoption has always been on the radar as we have traveled through life together. Over the past seven years of our marriage, we’ve tried numerous options and specialists to create a family. The adoption path became even clearer after consultations proved infertility issues. Rather than going through IVF, we’ve decided adoption is the route for us.

Facts About Casey

  • Occupation: Regional sales
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Master’s
  • Favorite Food: Brisket
  • Favorite Hobby: 4-wheeler, motorcycle
  • Favorite Sport: Baseball, basketball, football
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Favorite Music Group: Eric Thomas
  • Favorite TV Show: New Amsterdam
  • Favorite Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Favorite Subject in School: Math

Facts About Chelsie

  • Occupation: Business owner
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: High school
  • Favorite Food: Pasta, pizza
  • Favorite Hobby: Crafting
  • Favorite Sport: Horse racing
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween
  • Favorite Music Group: Rascal Flatts
  • Favorite TV Show: Virgin River
  • Favorite Book: Girl, Stop Apologizing
  • Favorite Subject in School: Child development

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